Watch Series HD for Free on 123Movies

Although a wide range of items is available on 123 movies. A popular name for entertainment as well as books. Streaming of movies works very well. 

An overview of the collection 

Here’s an overview of the collection of most popular market providers. As well as the comparison between streaming services with a practical test. The website also contains information regarding the best movie business online in 2020.

In the short career of 123movies as a streaming provider, it’s already become so popular and made its eminent name in production houses. 

Primary Categories 

123movies offer its contents in three primary categories. It offers subscription, rental movies, or individual purchasing. Other movie providers focus on a single model. For instance, sites such as Netflix and sky tickets provide only subscriptions. But Google play gives movies only for purchasing or rental by charging them. 

More about the 123movies platform is given below

Netflix is the Internationally most prominent name for streaming outlets. It is a pioneer as it plucks up the courage of producing first severe time for the web.

This master plan has been worked as Netflix’s productions become extremely popular and positively reviewed by audiences and critics. Every single success of Netflix results in supporting the company and attracts many audiences to this platform. 

Also, it is not like torrent websites. All this is due to the user-friendliness of Netflix along with monthly cost transparent subscriptions. 

Advantages of 123movies 

One of the most favorable point in selling movies of 123movies are additional advantages of its membership. It is free and quick shipping of orders, streaming music, online picture management, cloud storage, and many more. Depending upon your usage of 123movies, it can pay off immediately. 

When you are out for travel purposes, you can entertain yourself by 123movies with several movies. By you can only be able to watch 123movies original because of licensing issues. 

Another method to watch movies from 123 movies exterior to the EU is by utilizing a VPN. It is the method in which you are using a server of some other place. VPN test or our website helps you find your service provider. 

Following are the advantages of 123movies 

  • It gets you to additional benefits.
  • X-ray films have an information system.
  • Exclusive originals of website
  • Vast program with third party assistance. 
  • It can be used offline. 

It has the following disadvantages. 

  • It charges extra money for high profile movies. 
  • Most of the films are available in just one language version. 

123movies have different pricing strategies

For renting and buying movies, pricing is varied based on the title’s popularity and availability if it’s the new or old one. This strategy is applied to service providers and a package of customer. 

A film of average nature typically costs 3.99 euros if it is rented for two days. It charges 9.99 euros for purchasing. The Latest and blockbuster movies usually cost 16.99 euros if someone wants to buy it. 123movies also have special offers for its customers, starting from 99 cents. 

A series cost ranges from 1.49 to 2.99 euros to buy. They probably don’t provide series for rent. They also have full seasons for which prices depend on quality and number of episodes of seasons.

Titles of 123movies are the part of its subscription offers. They are present there for nonmembers for purchasing or rent. These are usually available for free along with subscriptions. 

The remaining titles are meant for members or just for purchase individually. You can do the maxdome Test for that. We have all two, i.e., subscriptions or individual purchases and rental, but all two models have a different range of titles. Maxdome test of 123movies provides more info. 

Instructions for subscription offers 

Here are some more instructions regarding subscription offers, as 123movies has reorganized its offerings several times; hence there’s also out of date, and old data is present. 

For instance, theirs a time when it’s possible to book Apple separately from other benefits of 123 movies. But you can’t do that now. Apple is a component of membership provided at a price mentioned above and circumstances. You have to go to the support section. 

123movies does not provide official numbers for movies, seasons, and series as the quality is much more important along with consistency according to your taste. 

Titles and movies available on 123movies 

This website has 3000 titles included in its package with 475 series also 2647 movies. For buying or renting, there are 15,856 movies along with the 1935 series other than subscription.

Within the large providers, maxdome has noticeably highest numbers with 50,000 plus movies and series. The whole series is presented as a title that included several episodes. 

Apple iTunes claims to have an extensive collection of 112,000 movies, but unfortunately, they offer no subscription. It can only be used on Apple gadgets. 

And if we talk about content quality, subscription for series is more entertaining and exciting. As you can watch series more times than movies, this program gave high-quality front titles such as originals of 123movies. 

You can find all the latest movie collections on this website, but you have a choice to buy them individually. This mostly includes blockbusters of Hollywood. 

 Unfortunately, many movies have not provided subtitles and a range of audio versions. There’s an abbreviation, such as “[dt./OV]” present below the title. 

Payment methods and registration of an account 

The usual customer id runs registration for an account on this website. There’s a 123movies button in my account section, from where you can do your account settings. 

Account administration 

If you still don’t have a customer account of 123 movies. The simplest way is to get a trial membership. By pressing the Test for 30 days icon, you can make an account with your email id. You have to attach your payment details as well. Your account number, phone number, and postal address. 

Service is all set to go after entering data. 

By getting a free trial, you can watch free movies for 30 days. They must want your payment details before registering. But most websites don’t demand contact and other information. 

Features and movie information 

After logging into your 123movies account, you can check the store from the menu, click there for movies and series. You can find numerous horizontal menus on the home page. 

Home page menu

You can choose a selective display from the left menu. Your watch list is present at the top right corner. Basic setting and customer service are also present there. In a horizontally placed menu, your top recommendations are present. 

There are unique features from the streaming of 123movies. Contents from third parties also present there which you can get by paying them. It has a broad-spectrum range of movies. 

  • Eurosport
  • Turkish program
  • Horror classics
  • ZDF thrillers

Prices may vary from 2.99 to 5.99 euros for a month. 

Channel specialists 

You can use its search engine for finding movies and series of your liking. Streaming and the latest movies are present in search results. 

Movies detailing 

The detailing display of titles are not so fascinating by all critical and concerning data is available.

The equalizer 

The list of contents is too short. Only popular actors are included in the listing. You can Google them to find from IMDB. 

The leading information is listed very well in compiled form. i.e., movie ratings, IMBD, a year or make a purchase and package ms details, and trailers. 

You can watch the film by pressing the watch now button placed at the corner.

The player

Previously, I complained about less information about movies, but I have found a fantastic function named X-ray; after clicking it, you have a list of actors. By clicking on their names, you will find a short intro to their other professions and personal details. 

One option here is to Show all; you’ll get an overall introductory article of actors. Press x-ray again for closing details and continue your movie

Below this menu, you can find music, soundtrack, and composition details. You can go directly to music scenes from here. 

Apart from this, you can select different versions of audio and subtitles, Quality, volume, and screen options. From the progress bar, you can get content. The player runs in a very smooth manner. 

Multiple-use plus gadgets 

You will invite your friends to utilize your account from your membership account, but they have to register by his mail id. It is a shipping membership feature of 123 movies. You can share your information with your family and others. 

In that case, there’s a disadvantage that recommendations are mixed up with each other, so you have to set separate profiles to prevent mixing. You can use multiple devices with a single account.

The mobile app of 123movies 

There’s a 123movies app available for Android and iPhone users. Display design is just as browser by it’s a bit tidy as it just focuses on movies. 

After logging into the app, you have to select movies as per your liking so that the app makes appropriate recommendations.

The first step after logging in

After liking movies, there’s ‘next ‘option, and it is in landscape format. Titles are present there. Numerous options are available for users. 

Movies display 

There’s an excellent difference in the display of app and browsers. You can download movies of your liking into your phone for watching offline. A considerable size download button is present; after clicking, the movie starts to start downloading. You can select pictures and format the quality before downloading them. Different categories utilize different amounts of data. This feature is useful during a slow internet connection. 

Downloaded movies appear in the download menu. You can find every information on the menu. Offline movies are available for a limited time, based on different title categories. The X-ray features are also present in the mobile app of 123movies. You can view the actors’ details offline too. Overall the app runs smoothly. 

Outdated sites and hotlines 

123movies has best-designed help places, but some information here is outdated. Due to frequent restructuring of streaming service. 

For Apple membership with 123movies, you can be registered from the link below.

Contradiction in membership of 123movies with Apple

I’m a bit confused in regards to Apple membership with 123movies. From my research, I have found that there’s only 123 movie membership to which Apple is related to. 

Customers help service of 123movies. 

Their customer support response in significantly less time. They try to solve customer problems from their help pages too. 

Press help in the horizontal menu, then there’s contacted us an option for further help. The help service is excellent. 


123movies has no doubt one of the best streaming services. It wins our Test. It has various advantages over Netflix. It has a massive collection of movies of different kinds, and top quality originals are present. But you have to purchase blockbuster movies individually. Overall this is the best choice among its competitors. 

FAQ – Questions

  1. Is 123movies legal?

Although original 123movies is banned in the United States, it doesn’t have a legal license. You have many legal websites for watching movies. 

  1. Have 123movies banned? 

The 123movies has shut down and inactive. The news was published officially. 

  1. Is it’s illicit in Germany? 

Yes, because it is a leading torrent site. 

  1. Is 123movies Illicit in the UK?

Yes, The administration bans it from bypassing legal orders.